Meet The Team
Our teams work hard to ensure our students and costumers receive the best service and experience possible. The school is open from 7am until 9pm Monday to Friday and welcomes over 1400 students through our doors each day. Almost all of our staff participate in studying at E.I.S, this allows them to not only develop and improve themselves but to understand the student experience first-hand. It takes almost 100 employees to ensure the efficient running of E.I.S on a daily basis. We are proud of our team and continue to work with them on creating an excellent customer experience.

Our Teams

Our friendly administration team are available during opening hours for General Enquires and Student Assistance, in English Khmer and at certain times, Chinese.

The Academics Team support our students and teaching teams with lesson planning, curriculum objectives, student assessments, examinations and testing for all students at E.I.S.

Our largest team includes Teachers & Teacher Assistants. They are responsible for the daily delivery of excellent lessons and the progression and development of all students.

Everybody’s favourite, the Café team is always happy to serve our students and staff tasty and affordable drinks, snacks & meals. Freshly made Pizza anyone? They will help you be healthy or naughty – the choice is yours!

Our creative Shop Team are always happy to help students, staff and customers. They will do their best to ensure you have the products you want at the right price and they’ll always serve you with a smile!

The Library Team supports our students in their quest for learning and knowledge. They help and offer guidance to students about books learning materials available. They also arrange Book & DVD rentals for students.

Our friendly Security Team takes care of our Parking Facilities. They also welcome students and monitor the entrance, ensuring our students and staff are in a safe environment.

These teams (Cleaning & Building Maintenance) make sure that the E.I.S Centre is clean and safe environment for our students and staff to learn, work & grow.

Back Office
These are the teams that our facilities and operations work for all students and staff. They include; Stock Room, IT HR, Finance and Communications.


We strive to empower people and businesses by offering excellent education, training and development programmes, whilst ensuring our students experience a positive, supportive and fun learning environment.



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