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Shining Stars Scholarship Programme
Making dreams a reality in the Kingdom of Wonder

Receiving a scholarship can enable a child to reach their full potential, when they otherwise would not have been able to. It rewards their commitment to learning, encourages their personal development and furthers their aspirations.

In a family-orientated culture, where generations live together and there is still extreme poverty, awarding a scholarship to one talented person can change the future of a whole family. When you consider that Cambodia is still recovering from the loss of all of its professionals, intellectuals and artists, and that state funded schooling is limited , you realise that giving an opportunity to someone with real potential can have a far wider impact.

We are seeking sponsors like you to help support exceptional students to study on our Shining Stars English Scholarship programme. In doing so you will make a positive difference, not just to them but also to their families and, potentially, to the wider community.

There are 2 types of scholarship:

  • Shining Stars Scholarship…for shining stars from underprivileged backgrounds, who given the right opportunities could make a real difference in the community.
    Cambodia is losing doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists, artists, professionals and inspirational leaders to poverty every day. No matter how bright, it is not usual for children from underprivileged backgrounds to complete Primary education. It is an all too common tale for children to be taken out of school and sent out to work younger than the legal age of 14 years old.
    When sponsoring a Shining Stars Scholarship you have the option of making an additional donation to the family of the child who is awarded the scholarship to help keep the recipient in state school.
  • Special Shining Stars Scholarship… for extraordinary students from any background who, with a little guidance, could become the leaders of tomorrow.

Why English?

English lessons are usually a priority because knowing English creates opportunities. It is the most widely used "second" and "learning" language in the world, used for international communication in fields like aviation, business, medicine, science and technology. Students of English at E.I.S study more than the language, they learn about culture and customs around the world, history, geography, the environment and human rights. Subjects barely touched on at state school that help them to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the issues facing society and the role they can play in the solutions.


We strive to empower people and businesses by offering excellent education, training and development programmes, whilst ensuring our students experience a positive, supportive and fun learning environment.



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